Sustainable Products

GRS Certified Recycle Yarn

  • The goal of the GRS is to increase use of Recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production
  • Single-use plastic no longer needs to be considered waste but rather a valuable resource which can be recycled efficiently and effectively.
  • All our products are made using 100% post-consumer PET bottles.
  • High purity chemical recycling PET product in which any contaminations are removed more effectively than traditional mechanical recycling systems.
  • Customers can directly replace their conventional polyester (PET) based material with sustainably produced PET without a reduction in quality also also helping them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ocean Bound Plastic Yarn

The aim of Zero Plastic Oceans is to protect oceans from the continuous leakage of plastic waste from land-based activity by developing incentives and models that promote the collection of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP).

Abandoned Plastic Waste that will eventually end up discharged in the ocean by the effect of winds, rainfall, river flow or tides. More specifically Ocean Bound Plastic is divided in three categories (OBP Categories):


Legal entity that is interested to become certified or is already certified to this Standard. The term Recycling Organization is also used in this Standard.


Material produced by an Organization and sold or transferred to the next actor in the supply chain.


Synthetic or semi synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and can be molded into solid or flexible objects.


Process used to reuse material constituents of a discarded product to fabricate other products or eventually the same product. Recycling implies destruction of the initial product and transformation of its constituents through industrial processes into recycled raw materials. In this Standard the term Recycling is used to cover Recycling, Upcycling and Reuse.


Using again a discarded product with the same or a very similar goal that it was originally designed and fabricated for. Reuse can include a refurbishment process before the product is put back in the market.

Scope Certificate

Organizations having successfully passed an Audit performed by a Certification Body are given a Scope Certificate (SC) which specifies the activity, location and products it covers. The Organization shall renew their certification on an annual basis. The validity of the SC shall not be more than 12 months. The renewal date shall commence upon successful reassessment of the Organization by the CB; therefore, the Organization shall plan the renewal of its certification before the end of its validity.


Geographical location where the OBP has been collected. A Source can be a specific river, beach, region or country depending on how the collection organization has defined the sites it is collecting in and the category of OBP.


This document, Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling Organization Standard.


Legally distinct entity to which the Organization is delegating works on the OBP material or product without transferring the ownership of the OBP material or product.



Solar Power - Turn to the Green Energy

Solar energy remains the cornerstone of sustainability. Solar power is an excellent alternative to fossil fuel and makes significant contributions towards reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

Adopting clean and green renewable energy sources will enable us to reduce global warming and climate change. We have successfully installed solar panels with a capacity of 335 KW and are planning to install even more.

Water Harvesting

Water - Be More Responsible

Perfect Filaments Limited has a well-designed strategy in place that can reduce carbon emissions by 88%. We leverage green technology to effectively reduce carbon generation and ultimately its release into the atmosphere.

About 70 percent of industrial waste goes into different water bodies and pollutes the water, making it toxic for humans, animals, and the environment. It's time to bring about a change and ensure clean water for all.

Perfect Filaments Limited takes the initiative to treat 40,000 Litres of polluted water every single day through the Effluent Treatment Plant. We prevent the ecosystem from negatively being affected due to harmful water.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Operating an Effluent Treatment Plant ETP is an expensive business, and the process must be as efficient as possible to meet environmental regulations. To ensure the proper operation of ETP, several steps should be taken to ensure its smooth operation. We offers a complete package of solutions to address the problems associated with ETPs. Our team of experts has Ten years of experience in wastewater treatment and works closely with customers to understand their needs and requirements and design a customized solution.


Tri-Fi Process

A tree is planted for every product manufactured.

Nearly 3.5 billion trees are cut down every year. Forests measuring more than 80,000 acres disappear from the face of the earth on an average every day. A number of factors are responsible for deforestation, but the needs of humans are one major cause. Trees are continuously being cut down for different economic activities. The earth is losing its greenery and beauty. But you can take the responsibility to bring about a significant global change by contributing towards tree plantation. Join hands with Perfect Filaments Limited and get a tree planted for every product you manufacture.

Perfect Filaments Limited have launched this innovative and unique program to make a remarkable difference in the environment and head towards a sustainable future. Planting a tree is a step to give back to the earth for all the benefits you have received from it. 

How does Tri-Fi Work

Tri-Fi is a unique approach to trace tree planted from QR Code scanning along with its geo location

Advantages of Trees

Advantages of Trees

Trees are the key to a healthier and greener environment. Trees play a vital role in reviving the environment, increasing energy efficiency, and fighting against a number of global issues.

Planting trees can offset deforestation and a number of negative impacts on the environment like global warming and sudden and severe climatic changes. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release life-sustaining oxygen into the air. They can be effective in lowering the temperature of the planet by about 7 degrees Celsius.

Trees do trap dust and other harmful air pollutant and can enhance the quality of the air you breathe. A Greener earth can even improve your mental health and reduce your stress level. We have taken the unique approach of planting trees to make the earth better for the future generation and support the survival of life on earth.

Here are some major benefits of trees:

  • Trees are indeed beautiful.
  • Trees provide cleaner and fresh air.
  • Trees cool houses, streets, and cities.
  • Trees promote better energy savings.
  • Trees lower environmental pollution.
  • Trees reduce soil erosion and water runoff.